Audit & Assurance Services

Internal audit

  • Comprehensive evaluation of internal controls, internal systems and internal processes in organizations and recommending areas for improvement. Risk based internal audit helps the risk management function of the entity by providing assurance about the risk mitigation and provides assurance to the management that risk management processes are managing risks effectively, in relation to the risk appetite.

Statutory Audit

  • Extensive experience in providing assurance services under various statutes across various industries for the past several years. Assurance services involve carrying out Statutory and Tax Audits to ensure that financial statements present a true and fair view of financial positions and operational results in accordance with the guidelines issued by the regulator. Audit reports are prepared strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations defined by the Government agencies.

Government Audit

  • Just like companies, organizations, institutions etc. the government also goes through an audit. Both the Central Government and the State Government are audited. The responsibility of this falls on the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG).C&AG ensures that the financial transactions of the government are executed correctly and have the proper authorization. We have been conducting Government Audits for past several years.

Bank Audit

  • Banks are the cornerstone of our economy. They handle huge amounts of public deposits and savings, so they have to be closely monitored and reviewed. A bank audit is one important process of this monitoring.We have been conducting Bank Audits for past several years.

Quality Audit

  • Running a small business is sometimes complicated and overwhelming when you consider the many duties, yet it's still a rewarding experience. Part of managing a successful business involves setting standards for the way the company operates. One way to take your business to the "next level" is to perform regular quality audits. We can help you achieve the same by lending our experienced services.

Forensic Audit

  • Undertaken at the specific request of the management, private equity funds or regulators to detect fraud, misappropriation of resources, bribery, misconduct or other financial irregularities. Experienced and qualified subject matter experts are capable of handling forensic and investigative assignments with prodigious ability. Forensic practice offers robust, concrete advice, helping clients deal with various complicated business situations and always keeping them on top of the critical risks

Concurrent Audit

  • Concurrent audit is a systematic and timely examination of financial transactions on a regular basis to ensure accuracy, authenticity, compliance with procedures and guidelines. The emphasis under concurrent audit is not on test checking but on substantial checking of transactions.

Secretarial Audit

  • Secretarial Audit is compliance audit; it is a part of total compliance management in an organization. The Secretarial Audit is an effective tool for corporate compliance management. It helps ensure timely corrective measures when non-compliance is detected


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