Start Up

There is no doubt that startups are important for economic growth of a nation. The role of startups in economic prosperity is enhancing in today's world. One of the main advantages of startups is that it creates new jobs. Global data shows that startups are creating more jobs in our nation than the large companies or enterprises. Startups can change the world and in coming years more and more startups will grow with innovation and creativity. Entrepreneurship is the only way to enhance the economic growth of a nation. And a small idea can be termed into big innovative solution which can change your future. So if you have an idea, do not block your dreams because of fear of failure and taking risk. Develop your idea into startup and contribute to the growth of our nation.

Services we Provide:

·       Audit & Assurance Services

·       Financial Accounting Advisory

·       Company Secretarial Support

·       Back Office Support

·       Inbound & Outbound Investment & FEMA

·       Representation & Litigation

·       Transaction Advisory

·       Start Up Recognition

·       Valuation

·       Transfer Pricing

·       Income Tax & GST Return Preparation


Head Office
DD-34, Basement, Kalkaji,
New Delhi-110019

Offices In
- Delhi | Raipur

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